Dear team Obsidian,

I’m writing to express my strong interest in the Video Producer position at Obsidian Entertainment. As an experienced video producer with a passion for video games, I’m confident in my ability to contribute to Obsidian’s visual identity and create high-quality videos to support the communications team.

Throughout my career, I’ve honed my skills in capturing and editing footage for various purposes, including commercials, trailers, and internal videos. I have a deep understanding of video game and motion picture trailer production, and I am proficient in Premiere Pro, After Effects, OBS as well as Unity and Unreal Engine. Additionally, I possess excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, which I believe are essential for working effectively in a collaborative environment.

One of my strengths is establishing processes for content production. I’ve provided guidance to a team of video editors, ensuring that deliverables meet the defined goals and maintain high-quality standards. I’m experienced in setting up live production shoots for interviews, social media, and internal messaging videos, and I actively engage in the creative process from pre- to post-production.

I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to Obsidian Entertainment’s vision and work alongside a talented team. Furthermore, I’m confident in my ability to bring creativity, technical expertise, and a deep love for video games to this role. I’m also eager to leverage my skills in live-streaming, in-engine rendering and editing & color grading to enhance the video production capabilities at Obsidian Entertainment.

Enclosed is my resume, which provides further details of my experience and qualifications. I believe that my skills align with the requirements outlined in the job description, including a love and understanding of video games, expertise in video production, and the ability to work in a collaborative environment.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Jesse Redheart (in collaboration with ChatGPT)