Jesse Redheart

Artist / Creator

My Skills
Content Marketing

100 Million VIEWS

Created digital content that has been viewed over 100 Million times!


Content has been featured in online publications such as: Billboard, Mail Online, Rolling Stone, MTV and Complex.


Built multiple businesses and brands from scratch, skyrocketing their online presence and revenue.


I'm an Artist & Creator

…and just a boy from Finland who’s been lucky enough to create and work with amazing people & brands!

From filming music videos with Justin Bieber to commercials with Mercedes-Benz, It’s been quite a ride. But I still have so much more to learn and experience.

Recently I’ve been focusing on my own art (videos, music, design etc.) with the exception of a few client projects. I do miss working with a team of creatives so I’ll be on a lookout for great people and companies to work with.

I’m looking to push the boundaries, create the best video content, produce exciting music, thought-provoking art, collaborate and help build amazing brands!



My purpose is to show what’s possible in this life.
To see and experience it all, create art, inspire others, build businesses, conquer fears, collaborate on projects and help as much as I can.
This is what I’m here for, to show that you can make an impact.


Life should be an adventure!
Exciting, fun, bold,
sometimes risky and scary
but never monotonous!


I've been blessed (or cursed) with a dose of creativity.
So, it's my obligation in life to use it for good.
To create art and beauty, to solve complex problems and to make something the world would never have without me.


Create content and tools that make a positive impact in the world.
Give more than I take.
Teach all I know.

Personality & Motivation



Individuals with a high need for adventure tend to be comfortable taking risks and enjoy exploring new opportunities. They may be more willing to try out new things and are not afraid of potential failure.


People with a high need for adventure enjoy variety and may feel bored with repetitive tasks or predictable routines. They tend to seek out opportunities that provide new experiences and challenges.

Embracing change

Individuals with a high need for adventure tend to embrace change and are often excited by the prospect of change. They may be more willing to adapt to new environments and are comfortable with uncertainty.


People with a high need for adventure tend to be creative and enjoy exploring new and innovative ideas. They may be more willing to experiment with new approaches or methods and may be good at generating creative solutions to problems.

New experiences

Individuals with a high need for adventure tend to seek out new experiences and may be more likely to travel or try new activities. They may be interested in exploring new cultures or trying new foods and activities. 

Thriving on challenge

People with a high need for adventure tend to thrive on challenge and enjoy pushing themselves to achieve difficult goals. They may be motivated by the opportunity to be the first to try something new or to achieve a challenging goal.

Born in Ice-Cold Finland

Was born and the adventures began!

My Short Film at Festivals

A short film I directed was shown in Hungary, Germany, Denmark and Finland

Got hired as VFX artist

Worked on a series of short films, commercials and a feature film as a VFX artist.

Backpacking Asia

Traveled through India, Thailand and Laos for 3 months. Slept on a deserted island.

Military Service - Sniper

Did military service in Finland. Got Training as a Sniper for the special forces.

Won Golden runner and shooter awards.

First Viral Video

My first video on alarm clocks goes viral on youtube

Film School - Los Angeles

Moved to Los Angeles to attend New York Film Academy

Released Solo Album

Released my first solo album. pop/techno/industrial music.

Filmed music video with Justin Bieber

Was the Cinematographer for a music video – Work for it featuring Justin Bieber and Tyga

Started Redheart Entertainment

Started my first successful online business, selling voice packs for indie video game developers.

Got Married!!

Got Married to my Lovely, Beautiful and Wonderfully artistic wife, Gabrielle!

Retired and moved to Spain

Making passive income online, we decided to live in Spain.

Marketing Director for a Restaurant chain

Came back from retirement to take over Marketing and save a Mexican restaurant and a Bar & Nightclub. + a few other places.

Founded Redheart Media

Started Redheart Media to provide Photo & Video content for Brands, NGO’s and Destinations.

Managed video team at RSD

Trained and managed a video production team at Real Social Dynamics.

Toured Europe doing Video Production

Did video production around europe for one of the biggest self-help teachers.

Automotive video content

Started working with cars dealers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW to create Commercials and social media content for them.

Released new songs on Spotify

Started a new band with my wife and released our first singles on Spotify.

Started new Clothing Brand: MORTVL

Started my new clothing brand using black and red designs and skulls inspired by Stoic Philosophy.