Music Production

Cover Videos

Recently, I rediscovered my passion for music production, diving back into writing and producing music. To ease back into the groove, I began by recording cover songs, relishing the process of arranging tracks and experimenting with various plugins. Delving deeper, I explored different techniques, which proved both challenging and enlightening.

In this journey, I’ve found myself immersed in a vast realm of possibilities. From mastering software and plugins to refining vocal and instrumental recording techniques, each step has been a learning experience. While I don’t claim professional status, I’m committed to honing my craft, intending to enlist professional assistance for mixing and mastering projects as needed.

My ultimate goal is ambitious yet exciting: to craft a full album by year’s end. To achieve this, I’ve adopted a disciplined routine of almost daily recording sessions, often starting with brief cover segments or song excerpts. These sessions serve as invaluable practice, allowing me to experiment with vocal overlays, effects, and video production, thereby refining my skills across multiple facets of music creation.

Stay tuned for updates, including previews of upcoming projects, as I embark on this creative journey.