ALAN WAKE II - Spec Trailer


I wanted  to create a spec trailer for Alan Wake 2 from gameplay footage to showcase my skills in editing and in crafting a narrative.

It was a thrilling endeavor that offered a chance to delve into the essence of the game’s narrative and atmosphere.

Sound Design

For a psychological thriller like Alan Wake 2, every footstep, rustle in the foliage, or distant whisper carries weight. 

The process of sound design for this trailer involved meticulous layering—subtle echoes of unease growing steadily amidst the soundscape. The gradual crescendo of ominous tones, paired with the visual narrative, sets the stage for an impending sense of mystery and foreboding. 

With a haunting soundtrack that lingers in the subconscious, amplifying the tension, and hinting at the depths of the narrative.


I made an effort to encapsulate the essence of a highly anticipated sequel, drawing viewers into a world shrouded in mystery, intrigue, and psychological depth. 

This editing endeavor might also serve as a homage to the original game’s atmosphere while hinting at the evolving and captivating journey awaiting players in the sequel.

-Jesse (in collaboration with ChatGPT)