I’m going on a Great American Adventure to climb mountains, explore deserts, trek forests and see all the diverse landscapes America has to offer.

As a filmmaker I’d love to take you along the journey with me.

We’re going to explore 3 distinct areas:

  1. Mountains & Snow
  2. Forests & Rivers
  3. Canyons & Deserts


So, join me on this adventure!

Follow me for updates and If you’d like to be involved see info below.


I’m currently assembling a team of creators (and friends) to go on this adventure with.

Looking for Adventurers, Photographers, Videographers, Guides and people with great positive attitudes who can help along the way. Also anyone with wilderness knowledge and experience.

If you want to be part of the team, send me a message (DM) or email me.



If you want to show how your products handle extreme environments while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, let me (and our team) create content for you.

We can film 15-60 sec videos, Interview spots, product highlights, UGC etc.

And unique product/lifestyle photography in America’s beautiful nature.

For partnerships and question email:


December 11th

Announcing the Adventure

Dec 11 - Jan 30
Partnerships & Brand Deals
Partnerships & Brand Deals

For partnerships, deals and questions about content creation email:

Jan 1 - 30
Team assembly
Team assembly

Looking for Adventurers, Photographers, Videographers, Guides

If you want to be part of the team, send me a message (DM) or email me.

Jan 1 - Feb 1

Planning, Scheduling, Booking, Renting.

Final Preparations.

Feb 1
First Adventure
First Adventure

The Winter adventure begins...