Soulja Boy - Don't Nothing Move But The Money

Cinematographer - VFX

Late in the evening, I received a call from Tony Villalobos, the Director, requesting my videography expertise to shoot a music video for Soulja Boy. I gathered my camera gear and lighting equipment before heading to the designated location, which happened to be at Sean Kingston’s residence.

Upon arrival, my primary focus was to set up the lighting and camera equipment in the studio space. This involved positioning lights and the camera in the vocal booth and mixing room. Embracing the creative process, Tony and I orchestrated shots around the house, utilizing the features of the location such as the movie theater room and kitchen.

Throughout the production, I operated a RED Epic camera, employing a handheld shooting style to add a dynamic and authentic feel to the footage. This approach allowed for a fluid and immersive visual experience, enhancing the overall impact of the music video. The collaboration with the talented team and the unique setting at Sean Kingston’s residence contributed to the success of the project, demonstrating the seamless integration of creative problem solving execution on the spot.

PS: I’m credited as Jesse Rocks (artist name I used to go by).