Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

Photographer - Editor

Rio Grande approached me to spearhead content marketing initiatives aimed at sustaining and enhancing the restaurant’s presence. To achieve this, I orchestrated a strategy involving the creation of posters, street signs, and photography for the restaurant’s social media channels. Additionally, I executed a targeted online advertising campaign, conceptualized and implemented promotional offers, and designed magazine ads and flyers, among other promotional materials.

Collaborating closely with the restaurant management, our efforts were instrumental in successfully preserving the establishment. One notable campaign involved the implementation of a “kids eat for free” initiative, for which I devised and executed social media ads, distributed flyers in nearby schools, and strategically promoted the offer to the surrounding community.

Another effective strategy involved a social media-centric campaign, encouraging patrons to share photos of their meals on Instagram with a specific hashtag for a chance to win prizes. To maximize reach, I designed and distributed eye-catching flyers within the restaurant and complemented these efforts with targeted advertisements on social media and in local magazines. Our collective endeavors not only preserved the restaurant but also fostered increased engagement and loyalty within the community.

Graphic Design